5 Time-Tested Email Marketing Strategies for Business Success

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For every $1 you spend on an email, you can expect to receive a return of $43. That’s what makes email marketing a robust marketing channel.

It’s better to learn email marketing strategies from the large businesses that gained lots of profits from it such as Amazon and Hubspot. It’s also wise to check on the best case studies about the use of email marketing.

It is said that more than 280 billion emails are sent daily. That’s proof of the number of people who use this marketing channel. By the end of 2021, it is expected that the number of emails sent will rise to 333 billion. Just like any other marketing channel, email marketing has changed over the years. What works years ago may no longer work now. However, the fact remains that email marketing outperforms other marketing channels such as SEO, PPC, and content marketing. To make sure that you have the best email campaign running, here are some tips to consider:

1. Make your Message Personalized

This does not entail writing a different email for every subscriber. It only means that you will be using the personal data of your customer to come up with a more personalized message. An example of this is saying “Dear Ava” instead of “Dear Customer.” You can add another sentence that starts with “You might like this based on (buyer history).” You can also personalize the subject line by writing the name of the customer there. All these can be done automatically by using the software. A research done by Experian revealed that personalized emails deliver more than 6 times the higher transaction rates. Another fact is that 70 percent of brands have not used email marketing. It means that you can gain the upper hand when you harness the power of this marketing channel.

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2. Send your Email during Prime Time use of the Channel

Research said that the prime time to send your email to your customers is from 8 PM to 12 midnight. This is according to Experian Marketing Services. This block is only meant for opening emails but also for clickthrough rates and sales. You have to take into account inbox crowding and the deployment time of other marketers. Your email will only be noticed when it is sent when there are few emails sent.

3. Make the Email Readable on all Mobile Devices

About 47 percent of emails are read on mobile devices. This is according to the email marketing firm called Litmus. It’s a huge percentage to consider. You can make your email look great regardless of the device used to view it. Here are some tips to follow. You can convert it to a one column template. Beef up the font size to make it look great on a mobile device. Put the call to action above the fold to make it easy to tap. You may also need to consider ergonomics.

4. Email is Still on Top in Terms of Sales Conversion. Make Use of It!

A study by SocialTwist revealed that email still holds the highest position when it comes to converting customers. SocialTwist monitored 119 email campaigns in a timeframe of 18 months, and the truth was revealed. Of the 300,000 referrals who turned into new customers, 50.8 percent came from email while 22 came from Facebook and 26.8 from Twitter.

5. Segment all your Email Subscribers

Once you segment your database, your email campaigns will all be targeted to towards your audience. When you segment your email lists, you can achieve better revenues, transactions, leads, and higher open rates. There are many ways you can do the segmentation namely segment by industry, segment by company size, segment by local address, segment by sales cycle, and segment by industry.

These steps for email marketing are time-tested to be effective for any business regardless of size. Get a strategic email marketing advice now!