Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies in 2019

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Digital marketing is an indispensable tool in every business.

Once you have your marketing and advertising in place, it can rightfully fulfill the needs of the business and it is also the one element that can increase the demand for the service or product that the business offers. Businesses have remained dependent on marketing for their survival and expansion, but the areas where marketing works well have changed tremendously. If you want to market your business to the most densely populated areas, there is a need for your business to stay active online.


The following are 8 of the major trends that marketers expect to take place in digital marketing, reshaping the marketing landscape all the more.


1. Play SMART with Facebook and Instagram

As part of digital marketing campaign, it is necessary to know the trends that are related to the most popular social media platforms. Social media have totally changed the online landscape for both corporate and personal purposes.


Instagram has gained a reputation as one of the number 1 social media platforms. It has recently hit 1 billion active users, the majority of which belong to the younger demographics (younger than 30). These are the people who opted not to be active on Facebook as it slowly gained the reputation of being the social media for old people. In a recent survey, a massive 41 percent of Facebook users belong to an above 65 age range.   


Facebook is not threatened by Instagram since it bought the company. Instagram as an image- and video-based social media platform has optimized the site which makes it easy to share photos and videos directly from the mobile phone. The smartphone is the most widely used device in the whole world.


2. Content Marketing is STILL King Among the Different Marketing Tactics

The main reason why content marketing still tops the list of marketing tactics to use for 2019 is that all types of businesses regardless of industry will be able to apply content marketing. When it is used appropriately, it can have an immense impact on the communication that takes place in all stages of the customer’s life cycle. Content marketing functions as the fuel of all types of marketing namely social media, email, and search engine marketing.


3. Artificial Intelligence is Becoming an Expert Profiler of Buyers

Artificial intelligence is all set to stay longer in digital marketing. It is now the force behind customer segmentation, click tracking, push notifications, and retargeting. It enables a limitless amount of combinations to market digitally.


Experts say that the use of AI in marketing depends on the business goals and channels used. AI is, however, a major tool used by marketers in terms of marketing intelligence and delivery systems. A study done by Blueshift revealed that 28 percent of the marketers make use of AI for product recommendations while 26 percent use it to optimize campaigns.


AI has the propensity to increase sales and it is also a reliable means to enhance customer service. There are also businesses that use AI for product and service development.


4. Make Use of the Live Video

One of the rising superstars in digital marketing is the live video. This is brought about by the spike of video streaming services such as the popular channel Twitch which enables users to stream video game plays and also devices like the PS4. Live streaming has a massive impact on digital marketing particularly when it is teamed up with influencer marketing. The business may use the traditional sources or the new-age digital platforms, having a live stream with a social media influencer who directly engage through comments draws in a large following.


5. Chatbots Continue to Reignchatbots, digital marketing trends

Humans would like to interact with someone online who has a voice and can be heard. This is the reason for the success of LinkedIn and Facebook. When it comes to your site, it is essential to install chatbots for your site visitors to interact with you on their own terms.  Chatbots come with the advancements in artificial intelligence. This enables users to have a basic conversation and ask the frequently asked questions with chatbots. This ensures less to no waiting time unlike the traditional live support chat or the live customer service representatives. It also entails less cost on the part of the management since there is no need to hire for a customer service representative. Chatbots are also known to answer questions almost immediately.


6. The Email has to be More Personalized

Despite all the tools becoming available, email still continues to be a major channel to be used for communication. Billions are still using email for various purposes such as personal communication, legal, industrial, scientific, and academic purposes. The email has a staying power and email marketing itself remains to be essential for business. However, you have to remember that in 2019 email marketing has to be not only automated but also personalized. Email often serves as the final trigger to a user for him to act which means to purchase. This has to come with robust remarketing techniques.


7. Invest in Voice Search

Due to the advances in voice recognition, voice search continues to become popular. It makes use of smart speakers that enable smart devices at home to order items by merely using voice command. Examples of this are Alexa and Siri. There are several reasons why voice command can lead to a lot of profits. Some of them are as follows: voice search is faster and it’s easier to command. Speaking is faster than typing.


Any business is likely to gain profits from the use of voice search since voice search usage has been increasing on mobile through the use of Android phones to be exact and smart speakers are also becoming more popular. This started with the introduction of Amazon Echo which was later followed by Google Assistant and Apple Home Pad. Other factors that make voice search popular is that it is conversational, and these searches are longer than those that are typed.

voice search, digital marketing trends

8. Google Ads Rising

In the digital universe today, it’s wise to invest more marketing money on Google Ads. A reason for this is that search marketing has been continuing to rise. You have to keep in mind though that search ads have to be managed well for them to work. It’s better to ask a professional PPC agency or digital marketing company to have your Ad campaign and strategy reevaluated. Once you mismanaged an ad campaign, this can make you lose more marketing budget. It can only become a reliable ROI power machine when you use it with the right planning, optimization, and supervision.


Trends may come and go, but every now and then there are those that remain until this day. There is no telling which one of the aforementioned trends will gain a staying power in terms of digital marketing. Visit our site for the most effective Digital Marketing Services we can offer for your business.