Conversion Tracking: Why Is It Valuable to Your Business?

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May 2, 2019
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The conversion rate is an essential metric for your digital marketing initiatives.

All the activities that you do online are intended for visitors to be converted into paying customers in the long run. However, conversion does not mean sales alone. It also refers to doing all the actions you intend the visitors to do to keep them closer to making a purchase. Those visitors who request for free quotes, set up appointments, sign up contact forms, and those who give you a call are also called conversions.

Conversion rate matters a lot to the business since it informs you about the overall efficiency of the marketing sales funnel. Determining this requires touchpoints and information about the users or visitors. A conversion functions as a touchpoint since it provides you information and allows you to send information about your leads. From the get-go, conversion sets off those visitors who are sincerely interested in your products or services.

Conversion tracking has several uses for the business. You might be surprised about its other benefits. It’s high time you implement conversion tracking in your business today.


Focusing on conversion rate lets you save money

Through ensuring that you have an airtight sales funnel, you can improve your conversion rate. It is necessary for the campaigns, the site, and the sales procedures to be aligned. Once you figure out the factors that increase the conversion rates, it’s easy to make the site more valuable to visitors and users.


You will know which keywords and ads are working for the business

Without conversion tracking, what you know is only surface analytics such as the impressions and clicks that the keywords and ads are getting. But that is all you will know. You won’t be able to track how the actual actions are driven on the site. With conversion tracking, you can get into the smallest details of what keywords and ads are making conversions happen.


conversion tracking

You can have more chances to optimize your Adwords campaign

Adwords sets the ad rotation setting to ensure that they get the most clicks. This also means that Google Adwords can show the ads that it expects to gain more clicks. You can enjoy the benefits of having the optimizer once you achieve around 15 conversions in a period of 30 days. The role of the optimizer is to provide you the most conversions for the money you spent on ads.


You can have more bidding options that can be easy to manage

You can begin to use the cost per acquisition or CPA bidding through the use of the conversion optimizer. This is also known as CPA bidding in your Google Adwords account. CPA bidding together with the optimizer focuses on maximizing conversions and not only clicks. This bidding technique along with the valuable insights about your business can only improve the ability of your business to increase its ROI.


It provides you information on the user experience you need to improve

User experience has a great impact on click-through rate in Adwords as well as the bounce rate, the time spent browsing the site, and lastly conversions. That is why it is important to harness the power of your own business site to influence the Adwords performance by simply improving on the areas that are now serving your purpose. Do this before you spend marketing dollars to improve your site traffic.


You can have a historical data-based landmark

Through conversion tracking, you can have access to a historical record of all your conversions on a per month basis. This will eventually become a yearly historical record over time. You can easily delegate this to a PPC management company or a digital marketing company to gather the historical data.


You might be able to find more benefits for the use of conversion tracking once you get started on it. Visit our Digital Marketing Services and let us talk about the different conversion tracking strategies we can implement to your website.