Digital Marketing Tips: Growth Hacks for Startups

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Digital Marketing Glossary You Have to Know for Your Local Business
November 18, 2019
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Get Ready for the Instagram Local Business Profile Pages
November 25, 2019
Digital Marketing Tips: Growth Hacks for Startups

Startups are not that difficult to set up if you have the right budget, knowledge, and right resources. The growth hacks related to digital marketing services stated here are budget-friendly and are intended for the early stages of setting up a startup company.

Use Long-Tail Keywords for Content

It is through SEO and online marketing that you can convert hits or visits to sales. One of the most common problems of a startup is the difficulty in ranking for keywords due to the tight competition. The secret to addressing this difficulty is using long-tail keywords for article creation. Long-tail keywords have lesser search volume than the short-tail ones. But you can write ten articles, with each one targeted at each of the keywords. You will be able to gather more cumulative traffic from all the keywords compared to that from the short-tail ones. Just be sure to produce high-quality and optimized content that can render value to the user.

Use Google’s Dynamic Search Ads

Google’s Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) will collect URLs and titles from the organic search index and produce ads for your business. You may add a custom meta description that will be found in all the ads. Google chooses the sites that have the highest quality scores; hence it can drive traffic to the page coming from the search. When your articles are not ranking high for most of the keywords, DSA will send traffic to such pages from the paid search ads. The ad ranks for these ads will be high. This is because of the content-centered pages.

Create Many Funnels and Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is something valuable that is given in exchange for the contact details of a prospect. Every lead magnet comes with a follow-up sequence that ensures the continuous delivery of value and content. The technique of gaining more traffic is to set up multiple lead magnets with multiple follow-up sequences. When you do this, you will be able to appeal to multiple audiences. Over time, you will be able to develop multiple lead magnets that can provide value in automation. This is similar to running your marketing in automation.

Use Facebook Pixel When Running Conversion Campaigns

When you run a Facebook ad, it would be best to install Facebook Pixel on your site and also set up custom conversions. Facebook campaigns should have conversion goals which could be product purchase or form submission. Facebook Pixel must be installed on all pages of the website and custom conversion must be the Thank You page which follows form completion or end of purchase. Over time, Facebook will optimize your ads and show it only to those who are more likely to convert instead of just clicking. Conversion campaigns can give you the highest ROI through Facebook ads since you are leveraging the algorithm of Facebook for you to reach the right audience, those who are more likely to convert.

Set up a Multichannel Follow-up Funnel

Lead generation entails multiple follow-up sequences. You have to create a drip marketing sequence that is composed of several emails to follow up on the leads. The email must include valuable and useful information to the users, such as product information, company reputation, testimonials, and the story behind the business.

Most businesses only have a single channel for following up prospects. You can use multiple channels by creating a drip sequence which may include the following Whatsapp, SMS, app push notifications, retargeting, direct mail, and Facebook Messenger. When you use a multiple channel follow-up sequence you will be able to reach more targeted users who have already opted in.

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