Latest Facebook Ads Strategies in 2019 Every Business Owner Must Try!

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The idea of marketing through Facebook can only be given teeth when it is used with combined sophisticated targeting and a highly creative copy and other forms of content.

You can choose a lot of platforms when you use Facebook ads for marketing. Some examples of these are the following: carousel ads, instant experiences, single images, catalog ads, and all video options. The following elements are said to be the magic involved in having an effective Facebook ad: platform-specific ads, pinpoint targeting, persuasive copy, and all creative options. The following are the most effective Facebook Ads strategies in 2019 that you can use for your business:


Create about 20 to 100 plus Content or Copy Segments

It is more powerful for the ad if you separate into 20 to 100 plus segments your customer base, and to create content that will cater to each of these segments. For instance, you can target the customers of Snickers by tying up an ad of it to the New York Jets. It is easier to gain a reaction when you create that is contextual to your targeted customers.


Pinpoint or Narrow your Targeting

There are marketers who are afraid to narrow down their marketing due to the higher cost per mile or CPM. If you become narrow in your targeting, you will pay more for higher CPM, but your creative has a lot more opportunity to convert users to paying customers. This is because you can easily make the content tailor-made towards the chosen segment.


Test and Assess Before you Do Promotions

Most marketers commit the mistake of spending $200,000 on an ad that is based solely on the ideas of a small group and the subjective opinions of a certain few who decide. There are many ways to test your ad before you invest on it monetarily. An example would be to test your Facebook Ad through a Tweet or perhaps a blog post. From this, you can produce a more in-depth photo or create a short video clip once you get traction.

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Build your Brand Identity by Creating an Iconic or Anchor Video

This is the mentality behind the highly expensive Super Bowl commercials. A lot of brands spend millions on their ads before or during the Super Bowl because they know that the audience will really watch the ads. They spend time and effort creating the narrative of their ad because they are aware of the impact of such ads on the viewers both live and even on YouTube. This is the same principle behind Facebook ads. It will not be possible for your small company to create a Super Bowl advertisement, but you can create a video that shows your company’s identity and distribute it all around social media. This will rake in a massive amount of sales and create a strong identity for your business.


Amplify Content for Social Media

This does not mean boasting or using the hyperbole. It means turning your social media posts into ads that target or retarget highly selected audiences while taking into consideration all the company’s key performance indicator goals. Of course, it means making use of the allocated ad budget. It does not entail amplifying the content but simply expanding the reach of the key elements in the marketing campaign.

These are some ways for you to make sure that your Facebook Ad is at its best powerful state. For more digital marketing strategies, visit