Important: You Should Use Google Ads for Your Business | Here’s Why!

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April 23, 2019
google ads, google adwords

Google is the most popular search engine so much so that it has become a dictionary entry as a verb.

Every online user who is searching for a product, service, or any sort of promotion online, Google is the first place they will go. What’s good with Google Ads is that it has tools that tell users that the clicks may lead to sales in the end.

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Google Ads which used to be called Google Adwords is a popular online advertising program which enables you to create online ads that reach audiences who are interested in the specific programs and services you offer. The platform used by Google Ads operates on PPC or pay per click advertising which means that every click from a user is to be paid. The following are some of the top benefits of Google Ads:

Massive Reach

Google receives 3 trillion searches every year. It means getting 5 billion searches daily. Among these users are those consumers who are looking for the business solutions that are offered on your site. With Google Ads, a small business which is hoping to get on top of the search engine results page can compete with highly motivated and established SEO companies. You will be able to have your message read by your target market when they are looking exactly for your product, service, and other offers.

Full Control of Ad Campaigns

There are many hurdles and red tape issues to face for a small company to achieve the benefits that Google Adwords can provide. It usually takes time and resources for them to be started and ended and these may be used for some other more worthwhile purposes. It’s easier to start and end campaigns with the use of software which is also known as programmatic advertising.

Flexibility and Measurability of Results

Online marketing is easier to measure compared to more traditional media channels. When it comes to SEO rankings, it can be quite a challenge to measure it since it is hard to acquire the precise measurements on what increased and decreased on the rankings. With Google Ads PPC, you can make use of the PPC metrics. It is also flexible since it comes with customizable options that your campaign can use to suit your specific needs. It can be used to narrow your audience, to set up ad extensions, search for specific keyword match types, leverage your display network, and provide access to sites that are non-search.

google ads, google adwords

Faster Results

SEO takes time for you to acquire any results. This is due to the tight competition. It’s completely different from Google Ads. You simply have to make sure that the Google Ads campaign goes live and you can get results instantly. This will bring in the cash right away and it will also tell you if your keywords are indeed competitive.

Builds Awareness

Google Ads works as a great tool for improving brand awareness. Remember that it is important to reinforce your reputation, brand name, and personality for you to build trust with all your online visitors. It is trust that will ultimately provide you with purchases and revenues.

Google Ads is an indispensable means of promoting your online business. Find out more about how Dreamond can help you leverage your business using Google Ads.