Hospitality Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know Today!

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Surefire Ways to Boost Digital Marketing For Hotel Business
June 22, 2020
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Best Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies To Apply Now
July 6, 2020
Hospitality Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know Today!

As the tourism and hospitality industry continues to innovate to cope up with COVID-19, most establishments are now harnessing the power of the digital world. Let us know the latest hospitality digital marketing trends we can apply in our business this 2020! This will also help innovate our business as we recover from the dire effects of the pandemic.

Hospitality Digital Marketing Trends This 2020

Personalized Marketing

One of the top hospitality digital marketing trends this year is personalized marketing. This strategy uses data collection and automation technology to determine your customer's individual preferences. It's important to personalize your services to your customers to make them feel special. Moreover, personalizing your campaigns based on your customer’s personalities enable you to communicate with them as an individual.

hospitality digital marketing trends

For example, you can offer discounts and promo rates to thrifty guests. You can also promote listings for guests who want to book suites and lavish rooms. You can promote your listings and campaigns through email marketing. Personalized email marketing allows you to engage in a more personalized and direct professional relationship with your customers.

Voice Search

Another hospitality digital marketing trends that are gaining popularity are voice searches. Voice searches are becoming popular due to the convenience it brought to the public. So aside from optimizing your business for web searches, incorporate voice control and recognition technology too.

This will help your guests book a room just by voicing out commands. You can also incorporate voice searches as your room’s amenities for turning on lights, music, heater, etc. This will surely give you an edge against your competitors.

Improve Customer Service Satisfaction

Another hospitality digital marketing trends that do not waver is customer service satisfaction. It’s important to keep track of online reviews, recommendations, tweets, etc about your business. Compiling all these reviews will help build your company’s reputation and brand.

Another professional tip is to transform negative reviews into opportunities. Most businesses tend to shy away or reject negative reviews. However, these negative reviews can turn to your advantage if you choose to address it. Reach out to customer’s complaints to solve their problem. Let the public know that your business is approachable and you’re willing to improve your services.

Artificial Intelligence

Incorporating artificial intelligence technology makes your business process easier and more streamlined. You can avail of a virtual tour software to enrich your listings and promote it on your social pages. Automation can also help set up call redirection and auto-reply voicemails to handle your lead calls and hotline services.

Likewise, set up chatbots and auto-replies to attend to customer’s queries. And while you’re at it, make sure to launch an AI-enabled website to let the customers book a room or reservation without the need to confirm it with hotel staff. These hospitality digital marketing trends help save both you and the customer’s time by streamlining the booking process.

Influencer Marketing

Now that you’ve built a solid marketing foundation for your business, it’s time to do influencer marketing. Influencers are a popular hospitality digital marketing trends to boost your exposure. Connect with influencers in your local community so that they can promote your business and brand to their followers.

Not only you’ll get exposure, but you’ll also increase your potential of getting sales and leads. Aside from connecting with influences, make sure to return the favor too. Connect with other businesses in your local community and promote their products to your customers too. Build a professional network between influencers in your local community.

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