Hotel Digital Marketing 101: Tips and Tricks to Market your Hotel in 2019

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Hotel Digital Marketing 101: Tips and Tricks to Market your Hotel in 2019

Hotel marketing is necessary for any hotel owner as air is to everyone. It is what fuels the hotel industry. The major obstacle that the hotel industry faces today is the lack of knowledge of technology. This becomes a problem largely because travelers are becoming more tech-savvy. Hotel management also finds it difficult to handle a large team which will focus only on marketing. They may also have budgetary constraints in hiring marketing experts who will handle the marketing tasks. Budget for the purchase of new technology is another limitation of most hotels. Hotel digital marketing requires the exact combination of skills, strategies, and of course smart technologies. Here are some of the steps to take to commence the marketing strategies for your hotel:

1. Website Creation to Introduce the Hotel, Rooms Types, and Services

Any hotel won’t last in the industry without a website. A website is the hotel’s main communication channel where the customers find information about the hotel and even book for a room. It is a good source of hotel information and it also showcases the hotel’s trademark and its brand image.

2. Booking System with Payment Gateway

Through a sound booking system and a safe and secure payment gateway, customers will be able to process payments on the site safely. This will authorize credit cards instantly which will enable the customers to process the payment directly on the site.

3. Reservation Management and Channel Management Software

Automation makes production faster and easier. This is a major contribution to the implementation of reservation management and channel management software. Through this software, the amount of time required for processing reservations is lessened. The software also enables a faster connection to online travel agencies.

Photographer: Blake Wisz | Source: Unsplash

4. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising makes sure that your hotel and its particular brand is exposed to a large audience. Ads can also be featured on more popular sites which can greatly increase website traffic.

5. Social Media Presence

Social media marketing for hotels reaches out to potential customers. It also allows for a more focused hotel marketing strategy. The hotel’s particular brand of service will be highlighted through social media promotion.

6. Content Strategy

Creating valuable content is crucial to the hotel. It serves as a marketing tool that attracts and retains the maximum number of customers. The first thing to remember when creating website content is to make sure that it informs and entertains the readers.

7. Brand Review and Monitoring Strategy

Brand review and monitoring are significant to manage the company’s reputation. It also enhances customer engagement and customer performance. Brand monitoring can also track the sentiments of your customers. This makes it a valuable tool for hotel digital marketing.

8. Loyalty Program

The loyalty program is a rewards program implemented by the company for loyal customers. Loyalty programs can help increase company revenue. It can also enhance the company’s relationship with customers and be able to retain them. Potential customers are easily encouraged by a good loyalty program.

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