Leverage Your Business Through Facebook Ads Using These Steps

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Newbie marketers think it’s ridiculous to pay for Facebook or any social media advertising when social media sites are free.

Advertising on social media allows you to have a more diverse market reach. Facebook currently has 2 billion users. Apart from its users being diverse, the site also has several useful tools for the savvy marketer. Demographic targeting is also important for any marketing campaign. Through the Facebook tools, you can target a certain audience based on age range, gender, zip code, or employment. This only means that your marketing campaigns are targeting the people you intend to reach.


Low-Cost Advertising

Advertising has been stereotyped as expensive. With Facebook, you can have a successful campaign for only $8 a day. It may not consistently happen, but it is a given that you won’t have to spend a huge amount on Facebook ads. Think of putting up Facebook ads as a testing platform if your campaign reaches your targeted audience. It’s wise to set a limit of $12 a day and make sure that your campaign is specific which will not allow you to reach the limit. The low cost of advertising on Facebook makes it a great venue for testing multiple campaigns to figure out if they are reaching the accurate target audience.


Selecting the Best Ad Format

Facebook has various ad offerings for businesses to be more interested in it. Some of the ad formats currently available are the following: AR ads, photo ads, video ads, slideshow ads, canvas ads, and boosted posts. You can select the format according to what your campaign needs vis-à-vis your product or service. A slideshow, for instance, is a great way to showcase your product line if you don’t like creating videos. Video, on the other hand, is a great means to spread information on your product or services. Remember that 100 hours are spent watching videos on Facebook daily. For marketers who like to narrate a story, the multimedia ad format is the best option. It’s a great move for engaging an audience who is always on the go.


Goal Setting

You would be wasting advertising money if you don’t know what goals to set. It has to be as specific as it can be such as sending traffic to your site or landing page for a webinar, to acquire more Facebook likes, to obtain more signups for the company newsletter, and to generate more sales. Make it as quantifiable as possible to make it easy for you to measure the results.

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Make an Offer

This offer has to be aligned with your goal. If you want them to go to your landing page and signup, you can offer them an interesting e-book once they sign up. Here is an example of it: Get 10 percent off on ___ when you hit share.

The technique here is on the call to action. Use single words that will ask them to act and include any term that implies urgency such as now, today, instantly, etc.

Related to this is the strategy called TripWire marketing. This follows the previously mentioned approach which is to lead the user to the landing page. After the submission of the signup form, the user will be led to another page with a thank you message and the tripwire offer. Once the user adds the tripwire offer to the cart, he or she will then be led to a brand-new page with a core offer. You have an option to end the sales funnel here or add more steps till payment is completed. It is possible for you to send an automated mail to all your subscribers at any those steps.


Assess All the Time

It’s a good thing that Facebook has the best monitoring tools. It’s crucial to keep track of how the users are responding to what you asked them to do whether to click the site or to like the page. It can be challenging to assess for ROI. What you can do is to assign a value to every action. This information will give you a heads-up whether the Facebook campaign is worth continuing or not. It is possible that you will not get the results you want. You can keep on it and adjust one element at a time. You may change the offer, the ad, or even your demographics.


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Facebook is still one of the most influential social media sites for buyers. Its complete functionality makes it convenient to put up campaigns that will result in faster ROI for your business. Want to leverage your business using Facebook Ads but don’t know how to start? Hire an expert in Online Advertising today!