Good News for Local Business Owners: Google’s Top Ranking Can Be Rented!

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Good News for Local Business Owners: Google's Top Ranking Can Be Rented!

There is a tactic for local business digital marketing that appears to expose the lax-ranking standards behind Google Local Searches. This works by ranking a site for local search terms and renting the website to local businesses. This means local businesses will be able to rent positions on Google and generate leads.

What Is Rank and Rent?

This is the strategy of creating a site and ranking it for a local search phrase which is typically a local one. The usual search phrase is composed of a city and the service provided. In this process, the search marketer promotes a site for it to rank in several search phrases related to e-commerce or any industry. Once the site starts to rank well, the search marketer looks for businesses that may be interested in renting the site for lead generation. The local business rents the site and earns profits from the leads that are generated by the site.

According to Mark Diggity, local SEO veterans choose to use this strategy since it is highly scalable, easy to use, and it results in good profits.

This strategy is not new. There are domainers who have been renting out sites for fifteen years now.

Rank and Rent and Lead Generation

The Rank and Rent concept is a variation of lead generation. Lead generation is ranking a site for search phrases and selling leads that come from the webpages of that site. Examples of this type of business are Yelp and HomeAdvisor. The leads that are sold by these sites are from Google Local Search traffic. At times it is from paid advertising.

With Rank and Rent, it rents out the entire site and all the keywords that it ranks to a single business entity. This means that the local business will be able to earn from the Rank and Rent site and its very own site as well.

On Ranking Local Search Keyword

The sites Yelp and HomeAdvisor make use of their own sites to rank search phrases that will enable them to sell ads or leads. The magazine New Food Economy exposed Grub Hub as buying domain names that match business names for them to be able to sell leads from those sites. The report explained that ranking a site to a business name is one way to attract customers to the Grub Hub-owned site. Grub Hub earns a referral fee each time a customer clicks on the purchase button.

Grub Hub is not practicing Rank and Rent, but it is ranking other sites to generate leads. Mark Diggity said that the difference in Rank and Rent is that leads are not sold but the entire site is being rented.

Weakness in Google’s Local Algorithm

In 2019, a site that is written in the Latin language Lorem Ipsum ranked first in the Google Local Search. This site ranked first for many months which reveal the weakness in Google’s Local Search algorithms.

Local business digital marketing entails several methods and some of them require the services of a professional. If you happen to be looking for a company to render this service, contact Dreamond today!