12 Surefire Ways to Market Your Local Business Culture to Consumers and Employees

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12 Surefire Ways to Market Your Local Business Culture to Consumers and Employees

It is important for a local business to have a positive and welcoming culture. This is particularly true for millennials are Gen Z consumers put more premium on brand identity. An inviting culture and an effective means to showcase it can help the business gain lifelong customers and loyal ever-supportive employees. The following are the tested local business digital marketing techniques to choose from:

1. Give Customers a Glimpse of Your Identity

It is important to allow the customers to know and see your identity and where everything is going on social media. It is great to highlight team members, share their own stories, and share various retreats. All these represent the company and provide virtual tours of the office.

2. Focus on How You Are Externally Perceived

Only a few companies focus on the brand when it comes to local business digital marketing. By focusing more on how the company is perceived externally by consumers will have a great impact on the company’s job applicants. If someone has a different view of your company show them what you got and provide a reason for the person to work for the company.

3,. Make Sure Social Media Shows the Truth about You

Today, employees and customers are always stalking you on your social media more than on your site. Be sure that your social media shows what the real business is like. If the shop is dog-friendly, show the area where there are many pooches.

4. Make Sure Conversations Are Real

The company’s culture can be considered the most valuable asset. This has to be nurtured and protected all the time. This includes the company story that you tell as a marketing tool. Make the conversation authentic and focused on the tenets that unite all individuals who work for the company.

5. Make Sure That the Employees Are Engaged on Social Media

An employee who says something positive about his or her work, in fact, lifts the image of the company. The best gauge whether the company is a great place to work is how the employees behave in social media. This is particularly true in LinkedIn.

6. Use Video and Be More Personal

You can have an annual video holiday which will involve everyone in the company. It showcases everyone’s uniqueness and the conversation that follows after.

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7. Your Content Must Be Embedded With Culture

Always train employees and inform all your customers. They all buy into the larger vision and culture of the company. It is, however, necessary to make sure that this culture can be found in product marketing, press releases, office environment, and the recruiting initiatives. It must not only remain a line in your employee’s handbook or a site blurb.

8. Host Events

You can host events that are company-based for the employees, customers, and prospects. Creating a company culture is one thing, but being active in the community to maintain such culture is another challenge. There will be happy hours, mixers, open houses, and other activities that will promote the culture of the company.

9. Share Interesting Personal Stories

It’s better to ask employees and customers to share their personal stories that have something to do with the company’s core values. These stories of how they demonstrated company core values are shared for potential customers and employees to be interested.

10. Celebrate One Another

The authenticity of the brand is crucial for millennials and Gen Z’s. They don’t tolerate brands that don’t show authenticity. One way for a brand to demonstrate this is to showcase the company’s teams and the contributions of each member.

11. Employees Make Great Influencers

You can set up a separate site or a landing page where employees can share what it’s like to be working in the company. This may feature video clips, quotes, reviews, images, and a lot more. This means giving a sneak peek into the daily grind in the company. Then blast it out in your social media channels. The employees who are sharing will serve as your influencers.

12. Internal Events Can be Turned Into External Promotions

An internal volunteer or fundraising campaign led by employees may be turned into an external promotion. Local businesses that have great company cultures are more likely to have employees who will organize themselves on their own and put up a nonprofit. Efforts like this will be easily appreciated by customers.

All these are fundamental tenets of local business digital marketing. If you are planning to start a digital campaign soon, do contact us for some professional assistance.