5 Best Ways to Step Up Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing This Year

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5 Best Ways to Step Up Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing This Year

Marketing real estate properties have changed over the years. It used to be dependent on traditional means such as cold calling. Today real estate buyers make use of social media sites for checking out property options wherever in the world; however, the truth is that there are still many real estate brands that have not made use of the social media platform. Getting a strong presence on social media entails optimizing relevant content and implementing a content strategy that can be applied on social media platforms. The following are the 5 best ways you can beef up your social media marketing techniques for your real estate digital marketing plan:

1. Use the Right Hashtags for Optimizing Your Site Content

Hashtags are not only intended to increase the likes on your social media posts. Most importantly, it is the best way for your properties to be found by potential buyers. There are many other great opportunities that you may find through using the right hashtags for your posts. You can try some generic real estate hashtags, customized real estate hashtags, or some real estate agent hashtags.

2. Make Use of Social Media Free Tools and Apps for Real Estate

There is an abundance of resources and technology that can be found online. The use of real estate tools and apps available online for free can help you reduce the time you spend marketing your real estate business online yet maximizing your real estate brand’s exposure. Doing so will also reduce the amount you spend on real estate marketing. One of the ways to do this is to make use of free stock photo sites for you to find high-resolution real estate images. Another way is to create real estate social media infographics using the free stock images you took from the site. Infographics are a great means for potential customers to consume and absorb your real estate content. Also, use an automated tool for social media postings. When marketing your real estate properties on social media, it is important to be consistent. This can be difficult for many marketers due to the inconsistencies in one’s schedule. This can be remedied through scheduling your social media posts ahead of time using free automated tools online such as HootSuite and Buffer. These tools will populate your social media accounts with content you prefer at the exact time you intend them to be posted.

Ironing out your strategy
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3. Maintain a Blog and to Update It with Valuable Information Regularly

A blog must contain information that can help build your image as an expert in your niche. The blog posts must be optimized to attract potential customers. Generating ideas for blog posts can be mentally taxing. That’s why it helps if you know where to find them. You can write blog posts on topics such as market predictions and statistics, tips for homeowners when buying or selling real estate properties, and valuable information about the immediate neighborhood and the community the real estate properties are part of.

4. Use Facebook Posts and Ads Intended for Real Estate Consumers

Many realtors resort to paid or organic content for social media marketing. The best way is to make sure that your Facebook posts are not boring and highly engaging which will generate more leads for the business. The popular posts on Facebook regarding real estate often include the following: showcasing local businesses and events in the community, tips on buying and selling residential properties for newbies, holding contests and offering giveaways for enhancing engagement and creating awareness, testimonials from previous buyers and sellers, and high-quality images and graphics of new properties.

5. Use Real Estate Quotes and Testimonials for Your Content Plan

It can be difficult to find the appropriate content for real estate marketing. Good social media content is one that resonates with your targeted audience. Real estate quotes and testimonials will greatly improve your overall content plan. This can help develop trust. The quotes can also be turned into image quotes which can be more attractive to potential customers.

These methods are surefire ways to enhance the impact of your social media marketing strategies. Learn how Dreamond can guide you on your real estate marketing success!