SMS Marketing is Beneficial for Local Businesses: Here’s Why

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SMS Marketing is Beneficial for Local Businesses: Here's Why

Let the numbers speak for itself. An average person is said to check his mobile phone 85 times per day. To add to that, about 64 percent of the world’s population make use of mobile phones. This means that the majority of the people are connected with others most of the time. That’s why it’s crucial to change the way we market to our targeted audience through local business marketing. This is where digital marketing plays a major role. With mobile marketing, there are several elements that are covered namely SMS, push notifications, emails, mobile apps, and websites. Most companies have this preconceived notion that implementing mobile marketing requires app purchase and it does not allow personalized or targeted communication with the target market. If your local business is not utilizing SMS marketing, you are missing out on a lot of benefits. The following are the reasons of doing SMS marketing.

It Offers Good Support and Integration with Other Marketing Channels

SMS can easily be implemented along with other channels. It is a great standalone tool, but it also works well with other platforms such as social media and email campaigns. For instance, after sending an emailer, you can send SMS asking, “Have you received the email I sent?”

SMS Offers a High Open Rate from Receivers

Text messages have a 98 percent open rate. This is a huge number compared to emails whose open rate is at 24.79 percent. When it comes to social media, your message only reaches 2 to 3 percent of your audience. The SMS is also more personal compared to other channels. There are phones that show snippets of sent messages. This means that even if the SMS is not opened, the recipient will still be able to view it.

It’s a Great Feedback Tool

When you use SMS along with surveys, you can easily get feedback from customers. The research revealed that on average 31 percent of users respond to a survey sent through SMS. The average time for their response is 5 minutes. This means getting valuable feedback in just a short time.

SMS Can Enhance Customer Engagement

Apart from the personalized nature of receiving an SMS message on one’s mobile phone, you can also use Rich SMS. Through rich media, you can send scratch cards, games, and personalized options which increases customer engagement. Furthermore, it also enhances brand awareness and word of mouth advertising. Rich SMS is known to have the highest click-through rate at 36 percent.

SMS Offers Immediacy in its Message

SMS is one of the most immediate marketing channels. It also has an impressive open rate of 98 percent with 90 percent of it being opened in merely 3 minutes. This makes it a reliable channel to send time-sensitive marketing messages such as last-minute deals and event-related information. SMS is a significant tool when it comes to instant communication, and only a few marketing tools can be on a par with the immediacy it can offer.

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SMS Marketing Makes it Easy for You to Track and Analyze Your Campaigns

It’s easy to track the performance of your campaigns through open rates, CTRs, deliverability rates, and others. The following are some of the metrics that you can check when it comes to SMS marketing: redemption and clickthrough rates, ROI, response rates, opt-out, and churn rate.

SMS Can Be Easily Shared

About 92 percent of consumers adhere to the choice of their friends and family more than they adhere to what is advertised. SMS is the easiest tool to use to share information with friends and family. It is also more private not like social media marketing.

SMS Offers a More Seamless User Experience

A seamless experience to any type of interaction is important for users that 46 percent of them said that they are not likely to patronize a product again when they experience an interrupted mobile experience. SMS offers a highly interactive and personalized user experience which can greatly impact your bottom line.

SMS Ensures High ROI

ROI is one of the important metrics to figure out the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. SMS marketing enables for a generous ROI when there are proper planning and strategy set in place.

SMS has Relatively Less Competition

While most consumers are getting overwhelmed by marketing clutter from all marketing channels available to them, SMS is relatively less used despite its effectiveness. A survey revealed that only 21 percent of brands use this marketing channel. This means that you can easily take advantage of this medium to be ahead of the competition.

If you want to get started on mobile marketing, it’s better to ask the right questions to the right individuals. Contact Dreamond for more information on mobile marketing and local business marketing.