Social Media is a Must for Hospitality Industry: Here are the Reasons

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Social Media is a Must for Hospitality Industry: Here are the Reasons

Majority of hotels rely on word of mouth and positive reviews from customers for their success. This is why social media can easily serve as a natural marketing and branding identity tool for hospitality digital marketing. About 2.3 million are active on social media sites. That’s why entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for strategies to various platforms online for promoting their hotels to potential customers. The following are some points that will help you decide to engage in social media for your hospitality business:

Your Hotel Will be More Visible

Male internet users make up 75 percent of the entire population while female internet users make 83 percent. About 81 percent of millennials check Twitter daily. Social media is the place where everyone hangs out. It is where we gather news, find entertainment, check on things to buy, and catch up with friends and family. A survey revealed that 49 percent of hotel searches are done on the mobile phone. This is why hotel owners must make sure that their site can be accessed through mobile devices too.

Hotels Have to Participate in Reviews

Hotels that respond to 50 percent of social reviews have twice more than the number of occupancies of those hotels that ignored the reviews. Online reviews are important for potential customers first check reviews before they decide to book a hotel or reserve a table in a restaurant. Some of the most trusted review sites are TripAdvisor and Yelp. Review sites are a good means to gather feedback. The hotel owner must be able to handle negative reviews and complaints well to manage the hotel’s reputation.

Social Media Marketing Enables More Direct and Personalized Targeting

Social media enables users to share a lot of their personal information online, their jobs, the places they go to, their families, their residences and workplaces, etc. Google and Facebook metrics enable you to target your audience based on their online behavior. It can even make communicating with the customers more personal by using their mobile devices.

Social Media Makes Many Activities More Convenient

People would always prefer to book a hotel, reserve a table, or book a flight online. They don’t want to be passed around from department to another for these activities. And most of them do all these using their mobile phones.

Photographer: Tim Bennett | Source: Unsplash

It Allows for Instant Interaction and Communication

Social media enables hotel owners to communicate and respond to customers’ queries instantly. It is also possible for them to check the customer’s profile first before they respond. Artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots also has revolutionized the way customer service is handled. This makes it a reliable hospitality digital marketing initiative.

Social Media Enables More Customer Engagement Through Campaigns

You can simply come up with a Facebook campaign to increase the number of likes on your hotel. You can do this by creating a page where you will give away some discounts and deals. This can increase the number of page visitors and engagements as inquiries start to come brought about by the campaigns.

If you want to know more tips on how to enhance the social media engagements for your hotel business, visit our hospitality digital marketing page!